We will all be taking part in Weight Loss Wednesdays by blogging and supporting each other in making healthy changes. By joining this group I feel more accountable in living a healthy lifestyle and making better food/exercise choices.

Additionally, I am also joining the Live More Weigh Less 28-Day Challenge with Sarah Jenks. It’s a free program full of fun daily challenges designed to motivate and hold you accountable in creating the life and body you’ve always wanted.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you can see my daily documentation of the challenge with the hashtag #lmwlchallenge. Today’s challenge was to  make a green smoothie. So I grabbed my blender and threw in some kale, a banana, an apple, a small avocado, ice, and water.

Hey everyone, so… if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I haven’t been making the healthiest eating choices lately. Sunday I pigged out at a barbecue, Saturday I had a slurpee and pizza, and yesterday I ate a candy bar for breakfast (eek).

I’ve been struggling a lot with Weight Loss Wednesdays lately, mainly because I don’t want to lie to my readers and say everything is going fine. But it’s also very embarrassing to admit that you’ve fallen off the wagon. So, I decided to get back on track by joining forces with a few other bloggers looking to lose weight