This is probably the longest craft project I’ve ever had in the works. You see, it all started about five years ago when I was living in an apartment complex of…ahem…lower standards…

Many people at this apartment complex would move out in a hurry, and instead of disposing of their furniture properly, they’d just leave it all by the dumpster. So that’s how I got a dining room table, some chairs, and this table. Of course, at the time the table had a dark brown wood finish. The wood was chipped and peeling in several places, but I, my friends… I saw potential in it.

I really wish I had pictures of the original table, but like I said, I first started on this project about five years ago, which was also about two cameras and one computer ago. Who knows where those pictures of the original table have gone? Up to digital heaven, I imagine.

Anyway, I stripped the top layer of the table, sanded the bejeezus out of it, and then painted it black. And then, it sat. And sat. And sat some more. I moved to another apartment. Then I moved to a condo. Then to a house. Then back to an apartment. All the while, the black table moved with me. The whole time I had been planning to do a mosaic-type tile effect on the top, but I was scared. I knew once I started gluing it all had to be done at once. And the margin of error was very slim.

Well, I’m happy to say that since I’ve started this blog, I’ve gotten a lot more impulsive and willing to try things I’ve never done before. Sure, it could’ve been pretty easy to mess up the top of the table, but you know what? That’s what sand paper is for. So I gathered up a HUGE amount of black and white scrapbook paper in all different types of patterns and designs. (Petey helped with that step.)