I got a new narrow bookcase so I can now have a nice holiday display in the entranceway of our apartment. I went a little overboard with my Valentine’s Day craft ideas, but I couldn’t help it, I just had so much inspiration! Come look at my Valentine’s Day vignette.

I got the vases at the dollar store and painted them from the inside so that you wouldn’t see the brush strokes and you can still see the vase details on the outside. I then bought some Valentine’s Day themed balloon weights and put them inside the vases. I finished off the vases with some adorable felt owl stickers. I got the birdhouse at Wal-Mart and it took less than five minutes to assemble!

I made the two candy dish-like heart holders with bowls and candlesticks from the dollar store, and then bought a bunch of foam hearts on sticks. I cut all the hearts off and then used them to fill the bowls. I really wanted to use the red basket, but with just the candy dishes it looked like it was missing something (plus I had a lot of the foam hearts on sticks left over), so I made a heart bouquet in another vase and stuck in the middle. Success!