If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning, then you know that I love discount crafts. Of course I like my crafts to look nice and high-quality, but if I can get the craft supplies for cheap, even better! Throw in a super-quick assembly time, and this St. Patrick’s Day wreath is my dream craft.

How did I make this wreath for only $5? I started with a wreath form and two St. Patrick’s Day scarves from the dollar store. Then, I found this amazing green sequined bow at the dollar spot at Target. I was originally going to use foam clovers to finish off the wreath, but then I stumbled upon a spectacular find. A wooden shamrock “Welcome” sign. Can you believe I got it for just $1.30 at the Salvation Army? Well, believe it!


Now, how did I assemble the wreath in five minutes? First, I cut the wooden shamrocks apart from each other. I wish that they had the awesome patterns on each side, but unfortunately, when I turned them over they were just plain green. But they still look super high quality, so it was all good.

I wrapped the wreath form with the two scarves and then glued the bow to the top. Next I glued the wooden clovers on, and I was done! That was it. Really! It was that simple. If you need a wreath for St. Patrick’s Day and you’re in a hurry, this is your go-to craft! I know the wooden St. Patrick’s Day sign was a one in a million find, but you could easily use the foam shamrocks from the dollar store in its place and it would still look totally fun and festive!