Now as I’ve said before I love wreaths. But this wreath definitely isn’t your run of the mill wreath for the front door. No, no. This is not one of your momma’s door wreaths. This is a hardcore kitchen wreath.

I wanted something to put up in our kitchen, and what better thing to make a kitchen wreath out of than silverware? So I headed to my local Goodwill and stocked up on some silverware. There’s some fancy silverware in there, I must say. I spent a long time crouched down on the floor just looking through all the silverware to get as many different sizes, designs, and styles as possible.

Next for my DIY wreath craft I painted a wreath form purple (because I love purple) and I glued the silverware to the wreath form using E6000 glue. This was the tough part because some of the silverware handles were curved in a way that made it impossible to glue down. So I got creative! You’ll see that the silverware varies in where it’s glued down, and I really like how it looks. It’s very dynamic and isn’t just the same all the way around. I hope you enjoy the wreath!