I’ve been saving up my wine corks for crafts for a while, and finally decided to make something with them – my first pumpkin craft of the season!


Not counting my fall bucket list 2012, this is also my first real craft for autumn (the bucket list doesn’t quite count because I did it all on the computer). This pumpkin wall art was so quick and easy – just gather your corks and cut them in half so you have a flat surface to glue down. I assembled them as I cut, just so I didn’t use too many corks.

I then painted the corks using watered down acrylic paint. I wanted the designs on the corks to show through which is why I watered down the paint (about one part paint: one part water). Then is the fun part! I glued the corks down to a piece of burlap-printed scrapbook paper and then framed it.

This was definitely a home run in terms of pumpkin crafts – so easy, and very fun!