This is my second owl craft in about three weeks, so I guess you can probably tell that I like owl stuff. I recently moved into a new apartment and the walls are pretty bare, so I thought, “Why not make some owl stuff to put on the walls?”  I got this wooden owl from Michael’s and painted it with brown paint. I then bought a bunch of pretty scrapbook paper to make the actual owl design.

 This owl mug from Pier 1 Imports was my inspiration.
 I glued the scrapbook paper onto the painted owl using mod podge, and then I mod podged over it to seal the paper. Next I took a piece of poster board and mod podged the background paper onto it.
I’m really not exaggerating when I say that I’m like the worst cutter, ever. It’s so difficult for me just to cut stuff in a straight line, let alone adding poster board into the mix. The poster board was definitely a lot wider when I started, and I had to keep cutting it down to make it look straight. Eventually I was satisfied with it, and I glued the owl onto the poster boar
I’m still not the greatest at using mod podge, so you can kind of see glue streaks on the owl, but overall I’m pretty darn happy with the project – and there’s less bare space on my walls now!